Wednesday, May 28, 2008


It started with storm and rain and ended with Yamuna Aarti. It is a tribute to an undaunted commitment of Satyagrahis that the 300th day for many of them started at 730 am today at the crossing of the ring road with NH 24 leading to the Nizamuddin bridge cum road with banners announcing boldly the need to preserve the river and the river bed and placards hanging around their necks, busy distributing pamphlets to all those (the Monday morning office goers rush) who awaited at the crossing for the traffic light to turn green from red. Soon the sudden storm and the blinding rain caught up with the commuters and the Satygrahis alike. But the Satyagrahis braved the rain and despite being drenched to their bones continued to outreach to the commuters in form of the pamphlets. No wonder many commuters were heard to express amazement on the steadfast commitment of the Yamuna satyagrahis. This continued till about 1100 hrs when the rain gods relented and the skies opened up. The planned Satyagrah at the crossing continued till lunch time (2 pm) by which time around 10,000 pamphlets had been given away. Later the Satyagrahis who by now numbered more than 250 assembled at the Satyagrah Sthal to take stock of the Satyagrah and to plan for its future. Led by Rajendra Bhai, a rally was also held on the NH 24. The day was closed with a Yamuna aarti.

Friday, May 16, 2008


New Delhi, 16th May 2008
Today Chief Minister of Delhi Shiela Dixit has expressed her inability to ensure minimum basic requirement of life to the people of this city saying only God can solve the misery of people of this city. Smt Dixit has went on record (NDTV has clippings) saying that water crisis of the city can end only if God give us one more river in the city.
"Youth for Justice" condemns this irresponsible statement by her and we held her administration responsible for the current crisis situation.
On one hand Smt. Dixit is praying God to provide us with one more river and on other one just need to have a look at the current state of river Yamuna and one can imagine where it is in Govt.'s priority list.
On one hand CM's statement makes it clear that city's water security completely depends on the only river in the city i.e. Yamuna. and on other Govt is not only aiming to commercialise the complete flood plain but has already concretized the biggest underground water reservoir available to us as river bed of Yamuna. Open destruction of Yamuna flood plain which recharges the ground water for the city has become the order of the day. It clearly validates our fear of Delhi becoming "water stressed" in near future.
Rs. 1400 crores has washed through the drains in name of Yamuna Action Plan I and II. Nobody is made accountable for that. Why is she praying for another river? so that another 1400 crores can be washed away!!!
Her statement of today becomes more important as it makes clear that Govt. has no water available to meet the present water need of the city. We thus questions the planning of further expansion of the city ( Govt. has planned 5 more mega cities, several hotels, malls etc. in coming years). Where the water for all these new resource intensive structures will come from?
Smt. Dixit is a well educated, experienced politician and at this point in time we appeal to her conscience. She should take some time out to reflect on current water crisis and her inability to meet minimum basic requirement of life i.e. quality drinking water to all. We request her to do a self analysis and decide whether she still has mandate to continue as Chief Minister of this City.
Here we would also like to add that this City still has sufficient water resources to meet existing water demand on its own, only thing required is to preserve, conserve and maintain all these natural sources in their natural form. Yamuna river and Ridge area has sufficient water for the city if used wisely. we need to conserve these resources, to stop any encroachments ( both private and Govt.) on the same and to free these from all such existing encroachments. We appeal all to save Yamuna. remember If RIVER DIES, WE DIE!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


You are invited
An experience of a lifetime
A Bike Rally along the river Yamuna
The river is our lifeline - The River Dies, U die
"कुतुब से ताज
एक ही आवाज़"
"Qutab se Taj Tak"
A Bike Rally along the river Yamuna.
From Qutab Minar, Delhi to the Taj Mahal, Agra.
10 days
5th JUNE 2008 - 15th JUNE 2008
An experience of a lifetime.
An urgent cause.
You've always needed the river.
Now the river needs you.
Registration Free for First 20 Participants
( Registration includes food, stay, fuel and first aid)
Register now -
For Details contact:
"Youth for Justice"
9818066041, 9990200243
9311356001, 9868853277