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A desiltation and tree plantation drive is organized at water bodies near Bakkarwala village. The event is organized by local residents of Bakkarwala village, Gurdayal Vihar colony and Chanchal Park. Besides the local residents, the participating groups are- YOUTH FOR JUSTICE, Natural Heritage First, Tapas, Gati, PRASAR, Sangrakhshan, Students of University School of Bio technology( I.P.University)and IIT, Delhi.

Senior journalist Shri Kuldeep Nayyar accompanied by Dr. Vikram Soni(Research scientist at NPL) and Vinod Jain(Tapas) will launch and participate in the drive.

Protection of Local Natural Resources to deal with water scarcity. - The residents and the NGOs feel that these water resources are crucial to water security. They believe that the age old culture of desilting and preserving the water bodies need to be revived if we have to deal with water crisis which is increasing year by year in this city. Desilting is a necessary exercise as it would augment recharge of ground water. This function in olden days was performed as a voluntary service by our forefathers in our villages every year before the monsoons arrived. Tree plantation is necessary as it helps purify and hold water.

These water bodies signify culture, history and environment, all come together.

There are four water bodies on a 26 acre tract of Gram Sabha land in village Bakkarwala. The land had been leased to DTC for a depot cum dump yard to accommodate for new low floor buses. However, the residents were strongly against it as the plan would destroy the four water bodies and take away the last available common space in the area from them. The residents want the water bodies to be preserved and protected and tree plantation in the area which would serve as a catchments area for the water bodies and at the same time as park and playground for children and elderly.

However, it also to be noted that construction on the water bodies is also violation of Delhi High Court orders.

Thrice in the past, the administration had tried to take possession of the area but it was thwarted by the residents. On 11May, 2009, the administration came with a 250 strong police force but the residents were not cowed down and they managed to send the administration back without allowing demarcation/possession of land.

The latest is that the administration is not pressing for the land. Meetings with local M.P Mahabal Mishra and CM, Shiela Dixit have indicated that the administration is looking for an alternative site. The matter is also in High Court. The High Court has issued notices to Delhi Govt. in the month of May, 2009. The next date of hearing is 20th Aug, 2009.


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JUNE 28, 2009


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Thanks to Shri Jairam Ramesh

Another voctory for YOUTH FOR JUSTICE and others struggling for Yamuna
Today our Environment and Forest Minister Shri Jai Ram Ramesh has declared upcoming Commonwealth games village on Yamuna River Bed as models of destruction. his statement marks a clear shift on stand of authorities and justifies YFJ stand on the issues.

Copy of Statement of Shri Jairam Ramesh, Min. of Environment and Forest
Our Thank you note and response to Shri Jairam Ramesh:-
Dear Sir


We are a New Delhi based Youth Action group “Youth for Justice” working with urban youth on issues related to Environment, Agriculture and various other spontaneous issues that need cognizance.

We are writing this letter to congratulate you and thank you for taking right stand on issues of encroachment on riverbed in the name of Commonwealth Games.

You statement in “Dainik Bhasker” national edition dated 6th June 2009, has sent a right message to the people who are concerned about various threats to our natural resources and environment and it has definitely boosted morale of groups and organizations that are struggling for the right cause.

Since August 2007, we have been raising these issues of illegal construction on Yamuna river bed in the name of games village, in fact we have organized a series of discussions, joint marches, candle light vigils etc. to raise public awareness on the issue. But some individuals in authority were keen on going ahead with the project despite clear the realization of the mistake done in choosing the venue and type of structure.

We have information on how this construction violets direction given by Honorable High Court and how it was allowed without required clearance from various authorities. This construction is also completely against the promise that we have made to international community while bidding for the Games.

We do understand that it is almost impossible to stop the construction or change the venue at this point in time but request you that those who are responsible for deliberately violating the norms should be brought to justice.

You have assumed the responsibility of this office at very critical stage, as a nation we are going through a phase of transition and large scale constructions and mega projects are order of the day. While such developmental projects are need of the hour at the same time we need to ensure that these projects do follow required norms and guidelines so that our environment and natural resources should be conserved.

We also seek an appointment with you so that we can share the information that we have on irregularities and violation of promises made by authorities while bringing the games to Delhi.

You have a great role to play and nation especially those who are concerned about our common future are looking at you.

Again we would like to thank you.
Looking forward to your response
Thanks and Regards

Kapil Mishra
General Secretary
Youth for Justice

Ph. – 91-11-9818066041

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Dear All

First of all I would like to congratulate all the members and supporters of "Youth for Justice" for all the unique initiatives and action that we have takes together in last three years.

When in 2006m we formed this group, none of us has imagined that this small initiative is not only going to survive but also grow both in terms of quantity and quality.

YFJ impact on various issues is quite visible and we have been successful in changing the perception about urban youth in various ways.

Bigger positions bring bigger responsibilities and it is time for us to prepare ourselves for bigger role of ensuring real participation of youth in the policy making processes.

It is in this regard, I take this opportunity to invite you all for "Youth for Justice" General Meeting on 5th June 2009 at Gandhi Peace Foundation, near ITO, Delhi.

That day there is a conference on FOOD SECURITY by our partners and you all are invited to join the same as well.

(Lunch will be provided by the organizer)

Please ensure that you join us there and you are free to bring your friends and colleagues who share a passion for change.

For further enquiry and details please feel free to contact us at or call me at 9818066041.

Looking forward to meet you

Thanks and Regards

Kapil Mishra
Youth for Justice