Friday, April 26, 2013

Dismiss Delhi Police officials for not acting to save 5 year old rape victim

A 5-year-old girl was kidnapped and brutally raped for 4 days. However, the Delhi police refused to file a ‘Missing’ complaint when the parents went to the local police station. 4 days later, the girl was discovered by neighbours and admitted to the hospital in a critical condition. A bottle and candles were found inserted into her vagina. She has sustained injuries on her cheeks, lips, neck, and chest. Shockingly, the Delhi Police refused to file an FIR at this stage and allegedly offered to bribe the parents and advised them NOT to file a complaint. The incident of the rape sparked protests outside the hospital during which Assistant Commissioner of Police BS Ahlwat slapped a girl protester which left her bleeding in an ear! The Delhi police has not only repeatedly failed its citizens in doing its duty to stop violence against women, they continue to flagrantly violate the law. As a father of a little girl, and a resident of Delhi, and even more importantly, as an outraged citizen, I believe it is time this police impunity ended and they were made more responsible for their actions. I am calling upon the Home Minister of India, Sushil Kumar Shinde and the Delhi Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar to immediately dismiss and take strict action against all the policemen who denied to file the complaint, tried to bribe the victim’s father, and watched as the ACP slapped the peaceful protestor. Sign the Petition here:-

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Letter to Chief Justice of India requesting to take suo moto cognizance of Farmers killed by Police firing in Maval near Pune, Maharashtra

11th Aug. 2011

Justice Shri. S H Kapadia,
The Hon'ble Chief Justice of India
Chief Justice Of India,
The Supreme Court Of India,
Delhi 110001

Sub.- Request to take suo moto cognizance of Farmers killed by Police firing in Maval near Pune, Maharashtra

Respected Sir

This is to request you to take suo moto cognizance of farmers killed by Police firing in Maval near Pune.

The details of Police firing which clearly shows that Police has violated all laws and guidelines while taking action against protesting farmers. Visuals shown by various national electronic channels clearly show that the police didn't follow protocol and shoot in the air or below the waist, but aimed straight at people's heads instead, killing three.

The details of this incident are available on all major newspapers and news channels.

This is not only a violation of human right and constitutional rights but also an act of crime.

It is a fact that the farmers are struggling to protect their land and livelihood all across country, such act of crime by police if left unpunished will provoke similar atrocities against poor farmers in other places.  I hope you will ensure justice is done. I am  writing to you to request you to take suo moto cognizance and personal interest in ensuring that these farmers are not denied justice.


Kapil Mishra
Yamuna Vihar
New Delhi-110053
Phone 9818066041

Friday, June 17, 2011

Citizen's Silent March for Democracy

From Rajghat to National Human Rights Commission office, Copernicus Marg on 18 June at 5 pm

Please join in large numbers to register our strong protest against the government’s clampdown on peaceful demonstrators in the wee hours of 5 June. It reminded of the Jallianwala Bagh incident of 13 April 1919 when British troops opened fire on innocent citizens. The difference this time was that instead of bullets the state used batons.... There was no provocation.

Even otherwise the government has been using repression to curb dissent and muzzle the voice of civil societies demanding change and a better system of governance. Demanding a strong Lokpal or retrieval of black money from tax haven countries cannot be provocation in a country that prides of its democratic traditions. But instead of redressing grievances and trying to meet the demands, the government has preferred to run down civil societies using various techniques.

Such attempts include the attempts to malign the messengers of change and not allowing people to protest by imposing Section 144 at vantage points in the city. Let us march silently, holding placards, with our mouths tied in black cloth, from Rajghat to the office of the National Human Rights Commission this 18 June.

Route: Rajghat, Ambedkar Stadium, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, Tilak Marg, India Gate, Copernicus Marg.

Time: 5 pm
Civil society leaders including
1.Arif Md Khan (former Union Minister and crushader for justice)
2.Ved Pratap Vaidik (former Editor of Navbharat Times and Editor PTI and Bhasa)
3.Ram Bahadur Rai (architect of anti-emergency movement in 1975 and senior journalist)
4.Jaya Prakash Narayan (former IAS officer and President of Lok Satta Party)
5. K N Govindacharya(Convener,Rashtriya Swabhiman Aandolan)
5. Surendra Srivastava (President Lok Satta Maharashtra unit)
6.Shri Ashok Tandon (Director Makhanlal Chaturvedi Rashtriya Patrakarita Evam Sanchar Vishwavidyalaya)
7. DP Sinha (winner of Sangeet Natak Academy Award)
8. Maloy Krishna Dhar (former Joint Director IB)
9. Udai Sinha (journalist)
10. Raja Bundela (film actor, director and social activist)
11. Sanjay Paswan (former Union Minister)
12. Basavraj Patil (former MP, covenor of Bharat Vikas Sangam)
13. Jagdish Chandra Sharma (former Ambassador, former secretary, ministry of foreign affairs)
14.Om Prakash Gupta ( former ambassador)
15.JS Rajput (former Director NCERT)
16.Amrit Lal (author and crushader against corruption)
17.Jawahar Kaul (Chairman, Pragya Sansthan)
18. Bachchu Kadu (Independent MLA, Amravati,Maharashtra)
19.Vineet Narain (crushader against corruption)
20.Amitabh Sinha (Supreme Court lawyer and social activist)
21.Nirmala Sharma (Gandhian activist)
22.Rakesh Rafiq (founder Yuva Bharat)
24.Trasparency International
25. PV Rajgopal
26.Shiraj Ansari (Elected member- Amnesty International)

will be leading the movement.

This is a call to all thinkers, artists, athletes, scientists, writers, poets, journalists, teachers, corporate sector heads, actors, activists and other eminent citizens of the country to stand by the side of the hapless, distraught, oppressed and brutally suppressed lot that is looking up to you for moral support in this dark hour of India’s democracy.

Come one! Come all!

PS: Water, adequate first aid tools and vehicles for the aged and the ailing, who cannot walk the distance, will be available on spot

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Join Anna Hazare's Fast To Bring the Jan Lokpal Bill

Anna Hazare will commence a fast unto death from April 5 2011 in support of the Jan Lokpal Bill. You can join the fight against corruption! Join Anna, and fast with him for a day, or as long as you can.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Act Mr. Prime Minister

Shunglu Committee Report and inaction by Manmohan

It’s Common v/s Wealth

The high level committee constituted to probe the loot in the name of commonwealth games 2010 has submitted its second interim report. This committee was formed by the government under huge social and political pressure on the issue of vulgar exploitation of common resources and open loot of common man that the country has witnessed last year.
Commonwealth Games have become symbol of corruption in the country.
The Shunglu Committee formed by government that is termed as High Level Committee but in fact this committee was never provided with any power to probe the large scale corruption that has shocked the nation. The committee did not had power to summon officials and ministers or to ask for files and documents. Further Committee can not even prosecute or register cases against those who are found guilty.
But the scale of corruption was so visible that even without any real power or authority, this committee could easily find that all possible rules and laws are broken in organization of CWG 2010.
This committee had submitted its first report in January on host broadcasting, the report was immediately made public and is available on the website of the committee. Central government then asked the central bureau of investigation (CBI) to file criminal cases against those who were named in the report.  Head of National television Doordarshan had to go after this.
But the scenario is different now, Shunglu committee has submitted its second report and clearly names Delhi Chief Minister and Lt. Governor for the financial losses. Prime Minister has asked not to make the report public and all government agencies are now actively working to cover up. This inaction raises very serious concerns.
Prime Minister had promised the nation that within 100 days of CWG 2010, the criminals of this open loot will be punished, the deadline is never met, all culprits of CWG loot are not only out in the public but also enjoying all benefits of the positions using which they exploited the nation. Be it Delhi CM Shiela Dixit or LG Tejinder Khanna, be it organizing committee head Suresh Kalmadi or Central government minister Jaipal Reddy or even DDA officials, all are smiling at the fortunes that they have looted in the name of games.
Only a few babus are arrested by CBI who could never do anything without clear directions from their bosses. Suresh Kalmadi is openly saying that if he is arrested he will name everyone who was involved, he is also telling that he dealt with only 5% of the total money that was looted and major loot was done by Delhi govt and other central government agencies.
A lot of water has flown down river yamuna since October last year, with Shiela still serving as Delhi CM, most evidences must have been destroyed by now.
This interim report by Shunglu committee should be taken seriously and Delhi Government should be sacked.
While nation need a Jan Lokbal bill that can prevent such corruption and loot in the future, CWG2010 looters should not be spared.
Time for Shiela to go.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Yamuna campaign: Marching ascetics reach Taj city

Agra, March 24 (IANS) The movement for the restoration of the Yamuna river has picked up steam as the marching ascetics and activists campaigning for it have reached the Taj city on way to Delhi.
The Braj Mandal sants and ascetics, who began the yatra from the Sangam in Allahabad March 2, have been mobilising support in the smaller towns and villages on the way. The marchers reached here Wednesday night and will reach Delhi April 15.

Bhanu Pratap Singh, president of the Bharatiya Kisan Union, said all sections of society are supporting the campaign inspired by Ramesh Baba of Barsana. Many NGOs and citizens groups have also extended their support.

The activists have threatened to open all the gates of the Okhla, Wazirabad and other barrages. 'Water should be allowed to flow uninterrupted and should not be held up anywhere, only the overflow or surplus water can be stored,' said Singh.

The marchers cover around 25 km daily and stop at some village for the night. A large number of women too have joined the march.

'People in Agra will give a fitting response and support the cause that has always been dear to them. Not only for the health of the humans but for conservation of monuments that fetch millions of dollars annually, the river needs to be saved,' Braj Mandal Heritage Conservation Society president Surendra Sharma told IANS.

D.K. Joshi, a member of the Supreme Court-appointed monitoring committee, said: 'For too long the government agencies and corrupt officials have played with our natural assets, the streams and the water bodies. Time has come for the people to wake up before it is too late.'

'In the past three decades, close to Rs.5,000 crore have been spent in the Taj Trapezium Zone, and the results are there for everyone to see,' he said.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

YOUTH FOR JUSTICE:- Celebrating 5 years of Action

Initiated by a group of crazy young people from the lawns of Delhi School of Social Work, YFJ is completing 5 years of action on 3rd March 2011.

As a youth group, we rose against the unfair judicial pronouncement favoring the rich and the powerful by mobilizing concerned citizens and making the invisible disquiet a visible one. (The Jessica Lall verdict). Success in the above-mentioned issue furthered our involvement by our opining on the reservation bill for other backward castes in institutions of higher education.

Realizing the importance of accountability, we used the Right to Information Act as a tool to make the government more accountable to its citizens. We were the first youth group of its kind which, in collaboration with organizations like Josh, MKSS, Parivartan to aggressively popularize its concept (especially in University of Delhi where we strove to pull the youth out of its deep slumber and kill the culture of silence).

Under "Farmers and I" initiative, group has organized series of protests against insensitive attitude for authorities on the issue of farmers suicides and also stages a continuous protest at Jantar Mantar. That year government announced substantial loan waiver to farmers across country.

We are the Change:

1. First youth group to organize a protest march on 3rd march 2006 in Delhi University against the court’s verdict in Jessica Lal murder trial, this was the day when “Youth for Justice” born

2. First youth action group to organize a candle light vigil with Delhi University students on Jessica Lal case at Jantar Mantar on evening of 3rd march 2006

3. Organized first protest in Delhi University against proposed reservation in higher education on 6th April 2006, resulted in a minor clash with Police

4. Organized series of protest marches and rallies in Delhi University and at Jantar Mantar against proposed reservation in higher education

5. President of India invited “Youth for Justice” delegation on 21st may 2006 to discuss reservation row

6. Realizing the importance of accountability, we used the right to information as a tool to make the government more accountable t its citizens. “Youth for Justice” was the first youth group of its kind, which worked in collaborations with organizations like Josh, MKSS, Parivartan to aggressively popularize concept of RTI (especially in university of Delhi where we strove to pull the youth out of its deep slumber and kill the culture of silence).

7. First and only youth group of Delhi which recognized the urgency to deal with issue of Farmer Suicides and organized Joint March of youth and Farmers at Jantar Mantar

8. Youth for Justice has launched a sensitization programme “FARMERS AND I” with aim to mobilize urban population for the cause

9. First youth action group to join “Yamuna Satyagraha” under the leadership of Magsaysay Awardee Shri Rajendra Singh ji.

10. volunteers sat on satyagraha and “maun vrata” in Yamuna satyagraha

11. Only youth group which supported struggle of B.Sc. (restructured) programme students of Delhi university against the failure of university system and supported students when they decided to sit on an indefinite hunger strike in front of university gate

12. Detained several times by police while protesting for people’s cause

13. Launched "YOUTH FOR YAMUNA" - A "Y4J" initiative against LOOT and KILLING of yamuna in the name of commonwealth games on 16th sept.2007

14. First Youth Action Group to protest against killings by blue line buses in the capital city, organised a candle light protest at central park , C.P. to pay homage to 96 ppl killed by blue line buses

15. YFJ is the only youth action group in New Delhi that has raised voice against killings of innocent people in Nandigram in West Bengal and one of our action hero Sunil Prabhakar went all the way to Nandigram to take note of grassroot realities there.

16. "Youth for Justice" has carried an independent investigation on issue of deaths of labourers in games village and world came to know about this crime only through exclusive video clips provided by "youth for justice" in its investigation.

17. First group in the city that organized massive protest against loot in the name of Commonwealth Games in the capital city of Delhi since the year 2007 and in 2010 published a book "It's Common v/s Wealth" to make people and policy makers aware of the mega scam.

Our stand
As a welfare state and democracy the Indian constitution guarantees the fundamental right of every citizen to survive and with the entitlement of the dignity that should ensue with it.Making such tall claims it is indeed deplorable that we have a Vidharbh and Kalahandi for a New York alike Delhi.It is time that we dissolve these divides and pave roads to do so.