Saturday, February 26, 2011

YOUTH FOR JUSTICE:- Celebrating 5 years of Action

Initiated by a group of crazy young people from the lawns of Delhi School of Social Work, YFJ is completing 5 years of action on 3rd March 2011.

As a youth group, we rose against the unfair judicial pronouncement favoring the rich and the powerful by mobilizing concerned citizens and making the invisible disquiet a visible one. (The Jessica Lall verdict). Success in the above-mentioned issue furthered our involvement by our opining on the reservation bill for other backward castes in institutions of higher education.

Realizing the importance of accountability, we used the Right to Information Act as a tool to make the government more accountable to its citizens. We were the first youth group of its kind which, in collaboration with organizations like Josh, MKSS, Parivartan to aggressively popularize its concept (especially in University of Delhi where we strove to pull the youth out of its deep slumber and kill the culture of silence).

Under "Farmers and I" initiative, group has organized series of protests against insensitive attitude for authorities on the issue of farmers suicides and also stages a continuous protest at Jantar Mantar. That year government announced substantial loan waiver to farmers across country.

We are the Change:

1. First youth group to organize a protest march on 3rd march 2006 in Delhi University against the court’s verdict in Jessica Lal murder trial, this was the day when “Youth for Justice” born

2. First youth action group to organize a candle light vigil with Delhi University students on Jessica Lal case at Jantar Mantar on evening of 3rd march 2006

3. Organized first protest in Delhi University against proposed reservation in higher education on 6th April 2006, resulted in a minor clash with Police

4. Organized series of protest marches and rallies in Delhi University and at Jantar Mantar against proposed reservation in higher education

5. President of India invited “Youth for Justice” delegation on 21st may 2006 to discuss reservation row

6. Realizing the importance of accountability, we used the right to information as a tool to make the government more accountable t its citizens. “Youth for Justice” was the first youth group of its kind, which worked in collaborations with organizations like Josh, MKSS, Parivartan to aggressively popularize concept of RTI (especially in university of Delhi where we strove to pull the youth out of its deep slumber and kill the culture of silence).

7. First and only youth group of Delhi which recognized the urgency to deal with issue of Farmer Suicides and organized Joint March of youth and Farmers at Jantar Mantar

8. Youth for Justice has launched a sensitization programme “FARMERS AND I” with aim to mobilize urban population for the cause

9. First youth action group to join “Yamuna Satyagraha” under the leadership of Magsaysay Awardee Shri Rajendra Singh ji.

10. volunteers sat on satyagraha and “maun vrata” in Yamuna satyagraha

11. Only youth group which supported struggle of B.Sc. (restructured) programme students of Delhi university against the failure of university system and supported students when they decided to sit on an indefinite hunger strike in front of university gate

12. Detained several times by police while protesting for people’s cause

13. Launched "YOUTH FOR YAMUNA" - A "Y4J" initiative against LOOT and KILLING of yamuna in the name of commonwealth games on 16th sept.2007

14. First Youth Action Group to protest against killings by blue line buses in the capital city, organised a candle light protest at central park , C.P. to pay homage to 96 ppl killed by blue line buses

15. YFJ is the only youth action group in New Delhi that has raised voice against killings of innocent people in Nandigram in West Bengal and one of our action hero Sunil Prabhakar went all the way to Nandigram to take note of grassroot realities there.

16. "Youth for Justice" has carried an independent investigation on issue of deaths of labourers in games village and world came to know about this crime only through exclusive video clips provided by "youth for justice" in its investigation.

17. First group in the city that organized massive protest against loot in the name of Commonwealth Games in the capital city of Delhi since the year 2007 and in 2010 published a book "It's Common v/s Wealth" to make people and policy makers aware of the mega scam.

Our stand
As a welfare state and democracy the Indian constitution guarantees the fundamental right of every citizen to survive and with the entitlement of the dignity that should ensue with it.Making such tall claims it is indeed deplorable that we have a Vidharbh and Kalahandi for a New York alike Delhi.It is time that we dissolve these divides and pave roads to do so.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lines of battle:- No to Govt. Lokpal -Yes to Jan Lokpal

Fight against corruption has reached a turning point as a draft Jan Lokpal Bill aiming to curb corruption is ready.
Thousands came out on 30th Jan. 2011 in support of this bill across nation.

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Following are salient features of the Jan Lokpal bill:-

1. There shall be an institution of Lokpal with ten members and headed by a Chairperson.

2. That part of CBI which deals with cases of corruption, shall be merged with Lokpal.

3. CVC and the entire internal vigilance set in various central government departments will be
merged with Lokpal.

4. Lokpal will be completely independent of the Government.

5. Lokpal shall have jurisdiction over bureaucrats, politicians and judges.

6. Lokpal shall have the powers to initiate investigations and prosecution without needing
permission from any other agency.

7. Public grievances are often linked to demands/expectations of bribery. Lokpal shall act as
appellate authority and supervisory body for grievance redressal systems in all central
government departments.

8. Lokpal shall be responsible for providing protection against physical and professional
victimization to whistleblowers.

9. Members and Chairperson in Lokpal shall be selected through a transparent and participatory

10. The functioning of Lokpal shall be completely transparent to avoid it from becoming a hub of

11. Any complaint of wrongdoing against an official of Lokpal shall be investigated and acted upon
within a month through a transparent enquiry process.
12. If charges are proved and conviction takes place, loss to the exchequer caused due to his
wrongdoing shall be recovered from all those who are convicted.