Thursday, October 29, 2009

Commonwelath Games are Not Green Games !!


A drama called Green Common Wealth Games is being enacted in Delhi on 30th October, 2009 on Delhi Ridge. At 4:30 P.M tomorrow, Delhi Government shall be planting tree saplings at this place.

The venue shall be Bandh road, Ayanagar.

Youth for Justice, Natural heritage First, Ridge Bachao Andolan, Yamuna Satyagraha, and many other NGOs and RWAs shall join in to protest against this farce. This tree planting ceremony by Delhi Govt. shall coincide with a simultaneous tree sapling plantation programme held in London. The objective is to declare these Common Wealth Games as the first ever Green games.

We are tired of this drama by the authorities and will protest against it.

    Many thousands of full grown trees have been cut in Delhi and some are waiting for axe to make way for Common wealth games related projects in Delhi.

    Some numbers are as follows:

    - Covering Sunherei nala and Kushak Nala for parking facility - 3800

    - Ring Road By pass from Salim Garh Fort to Yamuna Velodrame

    for Park & Ride Scheme - 3700

    - At Siri Fort Complex for building Badminton and squash courts - 900

    - India Habitat Centre to Seva nagar for Road widening for access

    to Jawahar lal Nehru Stadium - 180

    - Fly over Construction over Bara Pullah nala - 120

    Another big blow to environment came from the site chosen for Common Wealth Games Village. It is being built on Yamuna Flood Plains. The flood plains are a vital water recharge area to meet the water needs of the city. It is also a sensitive eco- Zone.

    The above are some of the major instances that show that these games are something other then green.

All of you are invited to join in the event. Please send your name at the earliest so that we can show it in the list of participants.

    Venue: Bandh Road , Aya Nagar

    Route: From Andheria More, take to Mandi Road. Reach Jauna Pur. From middle of Jauna Pur goes a Bandh Road. Take that. This road reaches a T- Junction. From here take left turn. This takes to the venue

    Time: 4:20 P.M

    Date: 30th Oct, 2009